About Me

Laura has a great appreciation of yoga’s importance in living a spiritual life.  Her life is rich in experiential wisdom having grown up in the 60s to 80s in Africa in a Black and white family when it was against the law.  Crossing race lines led to her imprisonment at age 15.   These experiences enriched her questioning of all that is given as ‘truth’.  Laura life is about working with nature to heal, her mother was diagnosed with cancer at her birth in the 60s.  Her mother followed a natural approach to healing, outliving all expectations and shared this journey with Laura which included meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices alongside a healthy diet.

Laura came to England in the 1980s as a single mother with a passionate desire to change the world.  She was attracted to Greenham Peace Camp where she met Swami Ambikananda. Laura began to realise a spiritual path was changing the world and yoga was a revolutionary act. Swami Ambikananada introduced her to Traditional yoga and Vedanta ancient books of knowledge on yoga. Then in 1996, Laura had a serious motorbike accident.  Yoga became pivotal/central in her taking responsibility for her own recovery and future.

Laura completed her training in 2006 and since teaches the over 50’s in a community setting, runs her own private classes and one to one. Currently, over 100 students attend her yoga and meditation classes each week. She regularly trains to widen her experience of yoga.

Laura plans yoga retreats and day retreats in the UK and worldwide which will include an African Game reserve.  She is a trained Bowen therapist and appreciates the interconnectedness of the body.   Laura will again be participating in the World yoga festival to share her wisdom.

Quote from Laura

 “Any Yoga posture if done with awareness, without a struggle, without an ego, can release patterns fixed in our muscles and in ourselves that keep us captivated mentally and physically.”


Yoga Instructor for Company Open Age https://www.openage.org.uk/about-us from 2004 until the present day in Westminster London.  Working with people over 50 on their health and fitness. Due to demand, Laura now has 5 classes a week, classes include meditation yoga postures breath and relaxation and yoga for depression.

Yoga Instructor for the BBC employees from 2006 – Present


YOGA LIFELINE Traditional Yoga By Laura Finch                                                                                                                Dates May 2001 – Present


Trained with Traditional Yoga with Swami Ambikananda 2006 http://www.traditionalyoga.org/teachertrng.html

Further training with Traditional Yoga with Swami Ambikananda.  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/139474.Ambikananda_Saraswati

Meditation Teachers Training – 2007
Living with intention December – 2011
Asana (postures) and muscle testing March –2012
Yoga and ‘Heart Disease’ September – 2012
Yoga and the ‘Alexander Technique’ with Ron Colyer – October 2012
Yoga and Biotensegrity – November 2012
Yoga for Bigger bodies – September 2013
Yoga and Depression – September 2014
Sage Yoga (yoga and ageing) October 2015

Ball Inversion Therapy training with Paul Terrell 2007
Bio-Energy Therapy: Level One The Domancic Method – Sept 2013
Yoga Nidra: Bihar School of Yoga UK January to June 2013
Master Class in Garuda Yoga with James D’ Silva: May 2013 Jan 2015
British Wheel Foundation Course – With Jane Farrimond 2005
Bowen Therapist – College of Bowen Studies 2017


Further Meditation with Swami Saradanada 2017